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18 March 2009 @ 03:29 am
So, you want PS1 games on the PS Triple? Nah, we threw out backwards compatibility. But you can buy PS1 games on the PSN store! Or, you could buy like 5 of them.

But fear not! Capcoms coming to save the day with Marvel Vs. Capcom...

for the god damned PS1.

Thats just sad.
Sorry for our hiatus but we have not one but TWO episodes today!

Episode 13: The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse

Episode 14: Super Metroid (Special three parter!)

Enjoy, and if you nuts have any requests, just let us know!
09 March 2009 @ 02:07 pm

What it is: An RPG for the PSP.

No, really: Norse... mythology... something about a chick and recruiting people to do... something... ugh. Boring as fuck, even by slow RPG standards.

Hit: You finally get to save the game and quit half an hour into the most pointless, drawn-out opening I have ever seen in an RPG. There might be something buried beneath it all that's worthwhile, but not even the sturdiest of patience could keep my interest held in the twenty-two minutes I waited through this portable RPG yawnfest.

Miss: Is there a game somewhere later on? Publish shit like this as a novel and be done with it.

Hit or Miss? Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth wins Sanshiro Shrine's first ever Perfect Hockey Puck Award. Congratulations!
08 March 2009 @ 11:21 pm
So I just finished Metal Slug 7, and I have to say its classic Slug, in fact it's the best in the series since 3. No slug awesomeness was forgot, for the Alan fight, the insane reactions of the soldiers, or the ending "PEACE FOREVER".

You lose 2 player, if you actually had someone to play Metal Slug with, which while curious, is still suferable, because the game is just THAT awesome. So for the Slug fantatics out there, go get it!

27 February 2009 @ 12:17 pm
The Shrine hasn't been updated in, uh, a month, so, sorry, if anyone even reads this shit. As for myself, I can vouch that things have been really hectic, but we always generally lean towards 100% laziness around here, anyway, so you shouldn't be surprised. I do feel bad, though, so I figured I'd take the time (with some motivation from my fiancé) to actually write an article that's been gnawing at my backside to get wrote about something that's bothered me lately. Yeah, I'm actually gonna write an article for the first time in, like, three years. What's up with that?

Game Crazy is a retail store chain stretched across the U.S. that offers new and used videogames at oftentimes reasonable prices. That's great, you say, but GameStop does that too, right? Yeah, well, GC was always King for me because, in addition to this, the ability to trade-in games much like GameStop, and some pretty decent employees usually in the past (more on that later), they also sold old games. I'm not talking about PS2 and Xbox here, kids. I'm talking SNES and Genesis. Fuck, they even had Saturn games, making it the only place I can say that, in my life, I purchased some at from a store in this God-forsaken state, because God knows it's never going to happen again.

Anyway, that was the appeal that attracted us there in the first place, and years ago, it was awesome. Unfortunately, I took it for granted many times, and didn't have the funds many times to purchase a billion carts-- but at any rate, it was there, and I have numerous old pieces of gaming I got from this place, including my Saturn lightgun and Virtua Cop (one of my favorite games for the system!). We even got to play Super Mario Galaxy, before it's release, for the first time there.

Years have gone by though and things change. For one thing, the economy in America has to come to mind and be taken into consideration. Another thing is the fact that everyone goes to GameStop for games. Now, don't get me wrong, and I've said this before-- I love the idea behind GameStop, and the fact that they even exist is great. Their whole idea is awesome and I've went to EB Games (who they merged with years ago) since it was called the Electronics Boutique. I even remember FuncoLand and how we almost made an SNES buying trip there a long time ago. But GameStop made a decision to, for whatever reason, pretend every old game sucked and never existed by removing nearly all of them from store shelves everywhere. That was when I lost alot of respect for them and I haven't really shopped there alot ever since. Combine that with their obsession with getting "pre-orders", even though you could just walk in and buy the fucking game normally (to their credit, they rarely do this anymore), and employees that usually had no fucking idea about videogames, and you have the reason why I usually don't bother.

And yet, for some reason, Game Crazy felt it was necessary, at some point, to completely emulate them.

I'm not even kidding. You walk in there now and it's like somebody copied and pasted GameStop. They got rid of all their "classic" games over the last year and a half, which was the killer for me. Then, slowly but surely, it became "We Want to be GameStop". I still had faith in them possibly still being somewhat cool until, to my knowledge, every awesome employee quit (at least at our's), and was replaced with a bunch of black dudes (complete with afros and the like) screaming around the room and making total asses of themselves. I'm not even kidding. If you think I'm racist, you're stupid. There have been plenty of helpful African Americans at these stores in the past who I've had great pleasure doing business with, and really seem to know what they're doing. But the employees at our Game Crazy, this much I can say, have made the store "Copied and Pasted GameStop: Ghetto Edition". No fucking joke. My final experience with this place, which happened last night, went basically like this (sans actual discussion since the guy was fucking screaming at someone as to how they were going to pay for something):

(About the "Gaycube" thing: I used to buy all kinds of awesome GCN games there, in the box, with instructions and everything that were trade-ins, but obviously in great condition-- quite a bit of my GCN collection came from them, actually. Now they have stacks of the shittiest of shitty GCN games in those micro-thin, cheap see-through DVD cases, with nothing but the game inside. You are basically buying the disc, and if I wanted to do that, I'd use fucking eBay.)

Game Crazy has Jumped the Shark, and because of that, I've lost all respect for them. I won't go back anymore, and the only reason I lament on this shit is because it's a sad thing to see another store for gamers change "for gamers" to "for business". Whatever happened to the stacks of carts and old systems? Fuck, Game Crazy even used to sell the Generation NEX. It's a terrible thing, but the 'net is pretty much my only trusted savior anymore for old games. If I ever make the trip to Aki, I think I would faint.
Now, for your viewing pleasure, is the Sanshiro Shrine Keynote Special, otherwise known as Another Useless News Post! Here are the headlines.

  • Though beaten to the punch by B.J. to do the Top Ten of Us, I will be doing my own soon, and probably all ten at once, because I'm far too lazy to make ten parts.

  • The Sanshiro Shrine Channel on YouTube, formerly "Josh WK's YouTube channel that just so happened to be linked on the Shrine", is finally here. Twelve million hits anticipated.

  • Happy 25th birthday to pylar if she even reads this shit, or even knows who I am, anymore.
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    27 January 2009 @ 02:07 pm
    Last week, I did what any self-respecting game player with an old, broken system would do and went to the store to buy a new one. Except the new one was hard to find, much cheaper than the original, and was an Xbox 360.

    PS3s are still way too fucking expensive anywhere (read: way too many confusing hardware models; I can wait until a cheaper day for Blu-Ray) and Resident Evil 5 is right around the corner, so after much debate I decided it was worth the new investment if I did it right. I searched for the cheapest one I could find, and after a day of searching, I looked at the last Wal-Mart I was willing to check. If they didn't have any, that was it, I was done. I should also mention that the expensive Elites were well-stocked at all these places. Seems Christmas cleaned these bastards out.

    So at this Wal-Mart I find one. I ask the guy working back there if they have any other than the one out, so I can come back later and pick it up. He says, "Uh, there should be one in the back." Right. I decide it's now or never and buy the system.

    The story goes that the new ones come with the new "Jasper" motherboard, which comes equipped with 65 nm. chips or some such. From what I understand, this translates into "THE MOTHERFUCKER AIN'T SO HOT DOG". I figured there had to be some truth to this, but damn, they really have made some hardware revisions since years ago.

    The power supply is a little cheaper-looking, but feels less bulky. There are what appear to be new vents on the top, which I'm guessing is to help with cooling, obviously. When you turned on an old Xbox 360, you had to prepare for the explosion of your eardrums by vaccum cleaner-esque death erupting from the system. The new ones give off a slight hum at best. Also, for some reason, I can finally hear my hard drive doing stuff. Maybe it was just tuned out by all the fucking noise?

    All in all, do I feel like I wasted money on replacing a system with such a notorious failure rate? No. My old one lasted two years, and died only when the video failed (triggered or not by this, I'm not sure, but I had just put a DVD in I had authored myself). I only got the notorious Red Ring of Death when I induced it myself by attempting to fix it (towel trick, which worked-- for one time, you can turn it on, with amazing new GPU damage-induced video problems on the screen!). I used my old Xbox 360 for alot of things, and I used it alot. It died after two and a half years and I feel it lived a good console life.

    My new one will be strictly only for games. I use my Wii for media center-ish purposes and I already have a DVD Player. Protip: If it's one thing I've learned about CD-based game systems, it's even though they can do something, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it.

    I had no plans to ever buy another Xbox 360 again, but for the price point (cheaper than the Wii now!), improved hardware revisions, and ability to play the games that I want that won't come out on the Wii, I had to bite the bullet.
    21 January 2009 @ 08:17 pm
    Old news, but if by some chance you come out of your rock to read the Shrine for your game & electronic store news, then thank you!

    A few weeks ago EGM bit the big one and is now no more. I'll spare you the corporate bullshit; the U.S. is up Shit Creek without even a boat in the economic sense, so it goes without saying that it's understandable. To anyone that worked for EGM that lost work because of this, our hearts go out to you. EGM was twenty years old, and although I personally was never a fan, it's still sad to see it go. The one EGM I own, destroyed from cover to back by me cutting out the pictures from the special Final Fantasy VII issue way back when, is still in my collection and always will be.

    The final issue of EGM is out there now on store shelves, with no proper send-off due to the quick nature of this end.

    No sooner had this news come out, Circuit City closed it's American stores last week and is now liquidating their entire inventories. If you can somehow locate anything left in one if you live in the States, it'd probably be a good idea to get it now.

    There were alot more people that worked for Circuit City, and though this post is already depressing enough, our hearts go out to them as well.

    As for the store itself, some joke about the shit you had to go through to actually shop there (and I personally can vouch for that only a little, as I've been in one probably twice in my life), but to me, any electronics store worth their salt being wiped out is a sad thing. A sad thing indeed.
    Theres two more of these recorded that should go up soonish. Till then enjoy!

    I swear next time I'm watching my back. xD