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Segata Sanshiro Shrine
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To bring together Sanshiroists, and create new ones!
Welcome, dear friends, to the shrine of Segata Sanshiro. Sanshiro was the Japanese mascot for Sega Saturn in Japan. He beat people up who didn't play Sega Saturn (and made them play it). He also punched giant Sega Saturn controllers and carried a giant Sega Saturn on his back. He was the personification of pure awesome and could not be stopped by anything, ever.
(Except missiles and undead)

He tragically died by deflecting a missile aimed at SEGA in Tokyo, saving the release of Dreamcast and everyone. His powers are unbelievable, and as such, he continues on through us, in all of our hearts.

And this website honors him with a dedication to games and assorted bullshit. Oh yeah. We're good like that.